• Back and sides made of solid EUROPEAN MAPLE
  • Brown-amber coloured natural resin varnish
  • Inserted purfling
  • Ebony fittings
  • Original Aubert bridge, pre-adjusted
  • Wittner fine tuning tailpiece (optional; see above)
  • Thomastik-Infeld AlphaYue / Larsen Crown strings (optional; see above)
  • End pin
  • Rosin (optional, see above)
  • Massaranduba / Carbon bow with natural hair (optional; see above)
  • Cello bag with bow and string pocket and rucksack straps (optional; see above)
  • Minimal colour variation possible due to hand-varnished treatment
  • Not set up: without label; all other options without label
  • If generally "without label", please inform
Art.-No. Description RRP
GS402.051.000.0 4/4 without setup, with pre-adjusted bridge 789.00 EUR
GS402.051.010.0 4/4 without setup, with pre-adjusted bridge, incl. bag 848.00 EUR
GS402.051.100.1 4/4 with set up 978.00 EUR
GS402.051.111.1 4/4 Setup incl. bag, Massaranduba bow, Larsen Crown strings 1,082.00 EUR
GS402.051.112.1 4/4 Setup, incl. bag, carbon bow, Larsen Crown strings 1,106.00 EUR
GS402.051.200.1 4/4 with set up 978.00 EUR
GS402.051.211.1 4/4 Setup, incl. bag, Massaranduba bow, Crown strings 1,082.00 EUR
GS402.051.212.1 4/4 Setup, incl. bag, carbon bow, Crown strings 1,106.00 EUR

All prices incl. VAT

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